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  • tolidine — ˈtäləˌdēn, də̇n noun ( s) Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary tol + idine : any of several isomeric aromatic diamines [−C6H3(CH3)NH2]2 that are homologues of benzidine and made from the nitrotoluenes by alkaline reduction: as a. : a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Toluidine — There are three isomers of toluidine, which are organic compounds. These isomers are o toluidine, m toluidine, and p toluidine. The o stands for ortho , m stands for meta , and p stands for para . All three are aryl amines whose chemical… …   Wikipedia

  • tho — acan·tho·ceph·a·la; acan·tho·ceph·a·li; acan·tho·ce·re·us; acan·tho·chei·lo·ne·ma; acan·tho·cyb·i·um; ac·an·tho·dea; ac·an·tho·des; ac·an·tho·dii; acan·tho·li·mon; ac·an·tho·ma; acan·tho·phis; acan·tho·pod; acan·tho·pore; acan·tho·scel·i·des;… …   English syllables